A Saudi father surrendered his 14-year-old son to police after the latter caused a car accident that killed an 8-year-old boy, Sabq news site reported on Thursday. 

The teen ran over the victim while illegally driving across one of Medina's streets. 

Though he sped away after the incident, passersby managed to capture the car's plate number and immediately reported the incident to police. 

After the teen was handed over to authorities, his case was referred to traffic police who continue to investigate the matter. 

Many were left shocked by the news

"Oh God."

"A child ran over a child"

"People, don't teach your kids to drive so early, you're making a 10-year-old think he's a man."

Many blamed the teenager's father

"This child is 14-years-old, how did his father allow him to drive in the first place?"

"He's too young to drive"

Some felt the defendant's father must be held accountable too

"The father must be held accountable if he gave his son this car."

Two other similar tragic run overs were reported this year

Earlier this year, nine-year-old student Radhi Al Shemmari passed away after he was run over by a car outside his school in Ihsa'a governorate. 

On the same day of Al Shemmari's death, another tragic run over took the life of Saudi third grader Rawan Al Rashid.

The victim was waiting for her school bus to pick her up outside her house in Barida. After it arrived, Al Rashid's sister got on the bus thinking her sister had also gotten on the bus, then the driver took off and ran her over.