On Tuesday, Saudi authorities in Medina arrested a woman who was trying to smuggle half a kilogram of cocaine across the city, Twasul reported

The bust was announced by the kingdom's Anti-drug Authority in a tweet that was posted on their official Twitter page. 

The post featured a video capturing the busted drugs and revealed they were hidden inside the woman's shoes and purse. 

Just hours after news of the bust started making the rounds on Twitter, it caught the attention of Saudi tweeps. 

Some were shocked by the fact that a woman was caught dealing drugs in the country; others said she must've been working as part of a larger network. 

Here's a little of what people had to say on the matter: 

Many were left speechless

"There's no strength or power but in God."

Others were shocked


Some thanked officials for busting the woman

"A salute to each one of you."

A few thought the woman was part of a larger network

"They only arrested her because they were tracking the head of this gang. They caught this poor distributer."

And called on authorities to investigate things further

"Look for those who sent her and those who were going to receive the drugs. They're more dangerous than she is."

Not the first bust to be reported this year

Customs officers and border patrol agents routinely apprehend individuals attempting to smuggle large quantities of drugs into the kingdom.

In March, seven drug traffickers were arrested by Jizan border police after they tried to transport 618 kilograms of hashish into Saudi Arabia. Colonel Saher Al-Harbi, the spokesperson for the border guards, explained that "the guards foiled the smuggling attempt by people who tried to use fishermen to mislead security men."

Earlier this year, Saudi customs officials caught a drug smuggler who attempted to transport more than 17,000 Captagon pills into the kingdom.

During the summer, the kingdom's authorities revealed that customs agents at the King Abdulaziz International Airport found 925.8 grams of heroin and 4,972 banned Tramadol tablets hidden by a passenger entering the country.