Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef gave strict orders against any possible pardon for a road drifter who caused the death of a passenger in Riyadh as part of the local police’s crackdown on drifting.

Prince Mohammad's orders precede any possible interventions to help ease the jail sentence of the man who refers himself as “King Al Nadheem.” He received a sentence of six years and 600 lashes back in March.

A court in Riyadh had found him guilty of putting people’s lives at risk through drifting, causing the death of a passenger in an incident, assuming his brother’s identity and hurting a policeman while resisting arrest.

Nadheem has drawn applause and criticism alike from Saudis for clips of his road-drifting adventures he posted on social media, with some calling on the authorities to punish drifters and ensure safety on the country’s roads.

The Riyadh police announced “extremely strict” measures against anyone who engages in practices that put the lives of others at risk, like road drifting – known as Tahfeet in colloquial Saudi Arabic – which remains popular among young Saudis despite regular attempts by the authorities to curb the dangerous phenomenon.

Prince Mohammad, who is also interior minister, is known for his support for implementing a strict policy against those who break the law.