The Center for Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia chalked up  1,890 calls during its first three days of operations.


"In total, the center received 916 new cases during the three days," Undersecretary for Social Welfare Abdullah Almeiqil said, according to Arab News . He explained that 49 percent of the 1,890 calls were completely new cases.

Social Affairs Minister Majed Al-Qassabi launched the center just last Sunday with the mission of offering a 24-hour service for individuals to report domestic violence. While women are the main target of the center, children under 18 as well as the elderly and individuals with special needs are also part of the demographic the center aims to serve.

Further explaining the large number of calls the center received, Almeiqil said that 233 were calls inquiring about previous reports, 374 were for consultation and 367 were requesting information about the center's services.

Operators at the center classify the calls according to the threat of danger. In instances where individuals are at serious risk of injury, the cases are immediately referred to police officers. According to Arab News, the center works with 22 social protection teams operating throughout the kingdom.

According to a report by Al Arabiya from 2014, instances of domestic violence have been on the rise in the kingdom, despite new laws passed with the hope of curbing the problem. Penalties for domestic violence can be handed down in the form of fines up to $13,300 and imprisonment.

Currently in the works are new regulations by the Ministry of Social Affairs aimed at preventing instances of domestic violence, particularly against women and children. Thus far, it appears that individuals suffering from domestic abuse have found the Center for Domestic Violence to be a valuable resource.