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A Saudi bride-to-be who donated 15,000 riyals ($4,000) of her dowry money to help save a man's life has gone completely viral on Twitter. 

The woman, now identified as Shu'aa Al Sharif, spotted the patient's case on the microblogging platform earlier this week after popular Saudi actor Fayez Al Malki tweeted about him. 

In his tweet, the actor posted about a man with special needs who wasn't able to pay for vital treatment. In a reply post, Al Sharif said she would use money from her own dowry to pay the money needed for it. 

She also stated that even though she isn't rich and is financially responsible for her parents and siblings, she wanted to give a little of what she has to someone in need.

"It all happened by coincidence"

In a statement Al Sharif made on the MBC show Ma'ali Al Mowaten, she explained the reason behind her generous donation. 

"It all happened by coincidence, but the main reason behind my decision was the fact that I believe being able to give someone in need is the utmost privilege we are granted in this world."

When the show's presenter asked Al Sharif when her wedding celebration is set to be held, she said that it is going to be in the next few months.

The bride's initiative is going viral

People are hailing her

"This simply defines humanity."  

"Her initiative is just beautiful"

"You hear this and realize there's still some good in the world"


Companies are now offering the bride wedding gifts

"Please contact us as we'd love to gift you a wedding 'zaffah' and entrance."

And everyone is just so proud of her

"We're proud of her generosity and kindness, it's honorable."