A video capturing a former expat who lived in Saudi Arabi attacking the kingdom and labeling it "racist" and "discriminatory" sparked outrage on social media late on Wednesday. 

The footage, which was posted on Snapchat under the username "Sosita", is said to have been filmed by a Palestinian woman who was brought up in the country. 

In it, she makes several hateful statements, accusing the kingdom of mistreating expats, discriminating against them and abusing them.  

She also condemns the country for not doing more to financially aid Palestine and Syria. 

"All the money you have is spent on luxury and useless matters," she said.

"I won't talk about people in general because I know that their government is the reason why they're so racist," she added. 

The woman also hit back at those telling her she owes the Gulf country loyalty because she lived there for a period of her life. 

"To them I say, I went to school, dressed and lived well because my father worked hard to make a living for us," she explained.

The woman's statements didn't only target Saudi Arabia. In the video, she also went on to attack other Gulf countries, including Kuwait and the UAE. 

She also said she was praying for the good people who live in these countries because according to her "they have angered God".

The video has gone completely viral on social media

The statements seen in the video have sparked an intense online response after they were uploaded on Twitter

Thousands of Saudis and expats living in the Gulf have since reacted to the woman's rant with anger and many are now shutting her down. 

Others also criticized those attacking Palestinians in response to the video reminding them that the woman who appeared in the footage only represents herself. 

Here's a little of what people are saying on the matter: 

While a few thought there was some truth to the woman's words...

The majority of tweeps were angered by the video

"Why all this hate! Is this the way you thank us?" 

Some couldn't believe it was trending

Others felt responding to the statements was useless

"You can't be serious! You made a hashtag and all this fuss over statements made by a teenager?" 

"You should't give her attention, she's just ranting"

People didn't get the young woman's rant though

"I don't get what you're saying, what do concerts and cinemas have anything to do with the point you're trying to make! Try to at least make sense." 

"She only represents herself, by no means does she represent all Palestinians"

Many raised this important point

"A teenager made silly statements, it's shameful for anyone to respond to her by listing the good things Saudi Arabia has done for the Palestinian cause. It's also unacceptable to offend or insult Palestinians while praising Israel, our one and only enemy. This hashtag is outrageous and someone must be behind it."  

"Not all expats are treated in the manner she described"

"We had a foreign girl at our school whose residency expired. The management only asked her to renew her documents, no one asked her to leave the country or treated her badly. A few weeks later, she chose to leave the kingdom with her family but all the arrangements for her graduation were still made because officials said that it's her right to graduate."

Expats living in Saudi also reacted to the hashtag, defending the kingdom

"Saudis are family to us, we were brought up and raised among them and we've built friendships and great relationships with them."