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A doctor based in Saudi Arabia recently filed a lawsuit against a WhatsApp group admin because he added him to an "annoying" group on the messaging app, Okaz newspaper reported

Speaking to the local newspaper, the complainant said he decided to go ahead with the case because he was added to the group without his consent. 

It all started after the man came back from a trip to Hajj (pilgrimage) and noticed he was added to the online group.

"They kept sending useless, annoying messages and wasted my time"

The man then decided to track what was being sent through the messaging app group for an entire day.

"I didn't respond with anything and kept looking at these useless messages being sent. Silly videos, fake news and rumors," he said. 

Speaking to Okaz, Saudi lawyer Khaled Abou Rashed explained that courts in the kingdom do look into similar cases and can often accept them depending on their nature. 

However, he also noted that this doesn't mean the doctor will win the case he filed and can even have it dismissed altogether. 

"If he doesn't prove he suffered anything negative because he was added to the WhatsApp group, a judge might dismiss the case," he added. 

No one could even with the news

"Why didn't he just leave the group?"

Something's up with this man

"A sick doctor."

"Yeah it shows that he's really busy"

"He doesn't have time for WhatsApp but has time to sue someone?"

"Group admins now"

"When you just want to make up a problem:"