This week, authorities in Saudi Arabia put a halt to a dance performance held at Jizan city's Al Dayer Bani Malik shopping festival.

This came after attendees complained it violated Saudi Arabia's culture and traditions. 

Speaking to Sabq news site, Al Dayer city's governor Nayef bin Nasser bin Labda explained the show was "stopped by the festival's committee minutes after it started."

"We also spoke to organizers who vowed they will make sure not to include performances that violate our culture and values in the future," he added.

Bin Labda also issued an official warning to the festival's organizers, stating the entire fair and its theater would be shut down if similar incidents were to recur. 

Some of those attending the festival described the dance show as "inappropriate" and immediately reported it to organizers and local authorities.

A now-deleted video of the performance also angered Saudis, who called on authorities to take action against the event's organizers. 

According to Sabq news site, the footage featured two male performers dancing on stage.

Many were outraged by the performance

"They should close the festival's kiosks and punish organizers."

"The manager of this shopping festival must be investigated"

"The manager of this shopping festival must be investigated along with these dancers. I hope the young men of Al Dayer area manage the stage themselves to protect our children and everyone who attends these shows."

Some were relieved over the suspension of the performance

"They deserve this."

Festival goers thanked Al Dayer's governor for his decision

"We thank governor Nayef bin Labda for suspending one of the dance shows held at Al Dayer governorate's festival. The show doesn't reflect our heritage and is foreign to the Jizan region. We hope all other governors of our area follow in his footsteps and stop all performances that don't represent our heritage or reality."

Not the first time a dance performance causes a stir in the kingdom

Last year, Saudi Arabia's Entertainment Authority issued a 100,000-riyal ($26,650) fine against the organizers of a licensed concert which was held in Riyadh's Ritz Carlton. 

This came after footage capturing a 12-year-old girl performing a dance at the event went viral, sparking outrage on social media. At the time, the authority's officials issued a statement on the matter.  

"The organizers added the dance segment without getting back to officials and will be fined for breaching their contract with the Entertainment Authority," the statement read. 

At the time of the incident, people's reactions to it were mixed. Some were outraged by the performance, while others thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, especially given the fact that the performer is a young child.