Source: YouTube

Earlier this week, a video capturing a man's suicide attempt in Saudi Arabia's Al Dammam Airport caught the attention of many online. 

In the clip, the man can be seen leaning downwards as airport staff and paramedics tried talking him out of jumping. 

Speaking to Ajel news site, local security sources shared details of the incident and explained that authorities were able to rescue the man and prevent his death. 

*The footage continues to circulate online but we choose not to share it in line with ethical standards.

The man has since been referred to a local hospital

In a statement on the matter, sources said the man suffers from psychological issues and has previously received treatment at Al Amal hospital. 

The man was eventually transferred to a local medical center for supervision and treatment. Authorities continue to investigate the matter and will be following the case closely. 

As footage of the incident made the rounds online, many criticized those who filmed the incident, deeming their behavior unacceptable. 

Not the first suicide attempt to recently go viral in Saudi Arabia

In October, Saudi security man Faisal Mos'ef Al Otaibi was hailed as a hero after he saved a 21-year-old woman from an attempted suicide. 

At the time, Al Otaibi issued a statement revealing details of the incident. 

"We received a call about a woman threatening to jump off a building in Dhahran. We immediately rushed to the scene and could see she was standing on a rooftop. We tried talking her out of jumping but she wasn't responding and was clearly going through an emotional breakdown," he said. 

After negotiations failed to talk the woman out of ending her life, the security man climbed up the building where she was standing and miraculously pulled her back to safety.