Just a week after news of Sherine Abdel-Wahab's fundraising concert in Riyadh sparked controversy in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom's Entertainment Authority officially canceled the event, Okaz newspaper reported

In an official statement published on their Twitter page, the authority explained the cancellation was due to the fact that the event's organizers hadn't obtained a proper license required for similar events. 

"The organizer's of Sherine Abdel-Wahab's fundraising concert were ordered to cancel the event. The concert was scheduled for late October as part of a fundraising campaign organized by Sanad Children's Cancer Support Association. We have asked officials to cancel the event because organizers had not obtained a proper license for it," the statement read. 

People react on social media...

Soon after news of the event's cancellation started to circulate on Twitter, thousands of tweeps shared their thoughts on the matter via the hashtag: 'The cancellation of Sherine's concert."

The majority of tweets were in favor of the cancellation

"The concert was canceled because authorities saw what the majority of people had to say on Twitter and because no one actually bought tickets to the event. Thank God for that, thank God."

"This news made me happy"

People thanked the kingdom's Entertainment Authority

"We thank the Entertainment Authority for canceling Sherine's concert and hope that no licenses are given to similar events in the future out of respect to our country's constitution."

Many raised this question...

"To those who wanted to attend the concert and pay for tickets... now that the event has been canceled, will you still do good and donate the price of your ticket to cancer patients?"

Too bad...

The fundraising event had previously sparked controversy...

Last week, concert ticket prices, which were said to range from 3,000 ($800) to 10,000 ($2666) riyals, circulated online and angered thousands of Saudi Twitter users, who called upon the authorities to cancel the event.

Others were outraged by the fact that a musical event was being used to raise funds for charity.

While the majority of people were upset over ticket prices...

"I've been to a Sherine concert in Cairo, the ticket was 150 riyals, in Jordan it was 350 riyals and that was for a VIP seat."

...a few were against the entire event...

"You want God to heal cancer patients with 'haram' money?" 

Not everyone was against the event though

"To everyone criticizing the prices... it's a fundraising charity concert."

Many had also defended it

"To the people who are upset over this: you're not forced to attend or pay anything. This a great idea aimed at raising huge funds for the organization."