Egypt tops the list of Arab countries producing films and was once crowned a queen on the throne of the seventh art.

After the nationalization of Egyptian cinema in 1962, Lebanese producers attracted a large number of Egyptian filmmakers to Lebanon to participate in their films.

As a result, the number of Lebanese-Egyptian films produced by Lebanese companies between 1962 and 1967 rose to about 30 films, Annahar reported.

Here are 10 movies that were either partially or almost entirely filmed in Lebanon: 

1. Abi Fawq Al-shajara (1969)

Source: tahrirnews

Adel embarks on an affair with a dancer named Ferdous and lives with her. After learning about his new love affair, Adel's friends turn away from him. 

2. Ad-Dayaa' (1970)

Source: elcinema

Wajih is a journalist who criticizes Samy's reckless way of life in his magazine. When Wajih travels abroad, Samy meets a young woman who captures his heart. They later discover that she is Wajih's sister.

It's worth mentioning that to this day the film remains banned in Egypt for containing sexual scenes.

3. Sayedat Al-Aqmar As-Sawdaa (1971)

Mrs. Aida tries to quench the thirst of desire in the arms of young men whom her tailor Victoria provided for her. 

She keeps seeing the same nightmare where she views herself as a sadistic witch that deprives her lovers of their senses and feelings. At the end, she seeks redemption by ending her own life.  

 The film is also banned in Egypt for containing sexual scenes.

4. Emra'a Wa Rajol (1971)


Jasser falls in love with a prostitute named Hamida, but his coworker Metwally is his rival in her love. A quarrel between the two ends with the death of Metwally and the imprisonment of Jasser.

After his sentence, he goes to live with his relative Ismael, who is married to Nargis. Jasser loves her madly and plots to kill her husband in order to marry her. 

 This movie was also banned in Egypt for containing sexual scenes.

5. Al-Atefa wa Al-Jasad (1972)


Ahmed decides to ask for Huda's hand in marriage before he travels abroad to complete his Ph.D

After a period of no contact, Huda thinks that Ahmed died in an accident on the way back home. Her friend Dawlat succeeds in attracting her to a prostitution house.

Huda hears that Ahmed is still alive so she decides to write him a letter explaining her situation before committing suicide and dying in his arms. 

6. A'zam Tefl fi Al-Alam (1972)

Fathi is an Egyptian professor who works and lives in Beirut with his wife Samia. One day, Matilda, the daughter of Fathi's friend, comes to stay with them. 

Samia is very jealous of Matilda and Fathi tries to resist the temptation of Matilda by all means. This film was banned in Egypt as well.

7. Zamaan Ya Hob (1973)


Abeer visits Beirut to perform with her theater band. Her uncle Khalil, who lives in Lebanon, claims to be a millionaire when in reality he works as a servant in a famous singer's palace.

When the singer named Medhat returns to his palace, he quickly understands the situation and doesn't embarrass Khalil in front of his niece. Medhat starts to have feelings for Abeer and decides to marry her but Khalil reminds him of the age difference between them.

8. Ajmal Ayyam Hayati (1974)


On a ship heading to Beirut, Huda disguises herself as a man. She meets Samir and conceals that she is fleeing from her father to marry her Lebanese boyfriend Rafik.

Samir finds out about her truth and drives her to confess. They fall in love with one another but he chooses to send her back to her father to marry Rafik. On the night of her wedding, in a change of heart, the father decides to help his daughter escape and marry Samir.

9. Nagham Fi Hayati (1975)


Hanan is a young woman who works as a secretary of a famous singer named Mamdouh. She falls in love with a man called Mohsen and the relationship between them evolves until she bears his child.

Unexpectedly, Mohsen decides to go to Brazil and abandon his girlfriend. Mamdouh finds out about Hanan's predicament and decides to marry her. 

10. Ja'ana Al-Bayan At-taali (2001)

Ja'ana Al-Bayan At-taali is a comedy movie where Nader and Effat are two competing news editors. They investigate the corruption of a famous dairy products factory and expose the identity of the owner to the public and police. 

The "Harasho" part was filmed in Lebanon, not in Russia.