Egyptian authorities have arrested Sami Hafez Anan, a retired army general who was running for the upcoming presidential elections in March.

Anan has been denied permission for presidential candidacy and his campaign has suspended its activities until further notice.

According to The Guardian, Anan was "the last challenger seen as a potential threat to President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi," who is expected to be re-elected. 

The military has accused Anan of violating election regulations and said he has been "summoned for interrogation in front of specialized personnel."

According to a statement by the General Command of the Armed Forces, Anan did not acquire the necessary permits before declaring his candidacy. Anan is also accused of committing forgery in the official documents presented for his presidential bid.

Naturally, Egyptians had a lot to say about the recent events, especially since Anan is not the first presidential candidate to be prevented from running for the elections.

As per the national trend, many couldn't help but crack jokes in response to the news.

Here's a glimpse at how some Egyptians resorted to humor to comment on Anan's arrest:

Bring in the popcorn ... this is getting interesting

"Can't deal with it"

Memes are in full force...

And so are conspiracy theories

"They were envied for their friendship, so the presidency came along and divided them."

One word: "Bal7a"

This video is making the rounds online

"Bal7a (President Sisi) in the upcoming presidential race."

This guy resorted to Adele lyrics ... just because

While someone made a video of Sisi singing "Do You Love Me" ...

"This is the door for running for president"

Egypt vs. Game of Thrones

Egyptian photoshop skills FTW

"#Don't_bother_run_for_president You can't run for president or do anything in Egypt unless you're one of these people (in the picture)."

Still, some people just can't be bothered by the elections