Underneath every traditional thawb there's a superhero (see above), and Saudis will soon unleash their inner superheroes at the first Comic Con to ever be held in the Saudi kingdom.

To the "tens of thousands of Saudis" who have traveled abroad to attend comic book conventions... this one's for you. 

Jeddah is hosting the first edition of the Saudi Comic Con (SCC), which is set to take place on Feb.16 through 18, 2017.

SCC is expected to meet the standards of international Comic Con events, including "comics, anime, manga art, pop art, celebrity appearance, video gaming, competitions, cosplay, books and more", according to Arab News.

SCC is organised by Time Entertainment, a Saudi holding company specialized in event management and production of innovative content, and backed by the Kingdom's General Authority for Entertainment.

“There is great demand in the country as tens of thousands of Saudis have traveled abroad to attend such events,” Obada Awad, executive director of Time Entertainment, said in a press statement.

"Everything is set up for Saudi Comic Con to be a tremendous success, leaving a footprint in the industry."

Tickets for the SCC range between SR105 and SR142 per day, with a 3-day access package at SR315 (regular zone) and SR788 (VIP zone). Details concerning the event's schedule and celebrity guests have not been revealed. 

Because of the kingdom's conservative dress code, the event's official Twitter account confirmed that there will be a closed female-only space where girls can cosplay.

With cinemas banned in the kingdom, debuting the SCC can be a seen as a significant push for Saudi Arabia in the world of entertainment. 

This comes soon after Saudi Prince Prince Fahad al-Saud created a video game and comic book about powerful Saudi girls in a post-apocalyptic world.

Comic conventions have become some of the largest and most highly-anticipated events in the world of entertainment, bringing together thousands of gamers, anime enthusiasts and comic fans. 

But this wouldn't be the first time an international comic convention is held in the Arab world. Dubai has been hosting an annual Middle East Film and Comic Con since 2012, becoming the Middle East's largest pop culture festival.