Shakira and Gerard Piqué are serious #RelationshipGoals ... except it seems as though some people want to break that bond.

This week, stories began circulating online about the couple's relationship status, claiming that the two are splitting up. 

Soon after the news went viral, the reports were debunked ... supposedly.

"Shakira and Gerard Piqué's relationship is still going strong. Everything is the same," Shakira's publicist told HOLA! in response to the rumors, which were reportedly spread from people "who want to harm Piqué."

Piqué, the professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team, has been the topic of discussion the past couple of weeks after he spoke out in favor of the Catalan referendum in Spain.

This has sparked outrage from a number of fans, some of whom have decided to target his relationship as payback. 

Despite the statement made by the Colombian-Lebanese singer's publicist, Spanish website Cotilleo said it 'confirmed' the couple's intended split, referencing a source from the couple's intimate social circle.

Whether the gossip is true or not, not a single soul on the internet is in favor of the rumored breakup. 

In fact, people went into an emotional meltdown on social media soon after the unverified news was published online.

P.S. The couple was last seen together in June when they attended the wedding ceremony of Barcelona star Lionel Messi in Argentina.

Some will just never understand all those who fell for the rumors

But, if the couple does break up ... "there's no such thing as love man"

Some took their sentiments a bit too far

"I hope the press leaves them alone"


Some are just praying the rumors don't become a reality

Others can't contemplate how someone would break up with Shakira ...

Can't blame these people. The couple is really adorable ...

Whether they're dressed up

Or sporting a casual look

They really are GOALS. We just hope the rumors ... are just that, rumors!

Stay strong Shakira and Piqué!