Source: Watan Serb

In several societies across the Arab world, it's still common for people to marry someone they've never even before 

However, in recent years, this outdated form of arranged marriage has become frowned upon by many, who deem it ridiculous for a human being to commit to spending their lives with a complete stranger. 

Those include Kuwaiti tweep Sheikha Al Bhawed, who hilariously trolled the concept in a tweet she posted earlier this week. The post has since been shared by Kuwaiti news pages on the platform with hundreds reacting to it. 

It all started when Al Bhawed tweeted this out

"Maybe I am wrong but how can anyone marry someone they don't know! What if they turn out to be stupid! What if they turn out to be someone who posts a Che Guevara image on their account and captions it: 'To hell with infidels!' What if they post an image of a Barcelona footballer! What if they misspell the word 'but!' What if they're someone who likes pizza with pineapple on it! Why would you help these people reproduce guys!"

Sparking a heated Twitter debate

Some stood against Al Bhawed's point of view

"Yes it's fine. I'd marry someone I don't know and love would come later on. Misspellings and images they post on social media change with time, their preferences when it comes to food can also change. The most important thing is their heart and manners."

Noting this

"What else can they do? Don't blame them! Not everyone meets someone and falls in love like in the movies. There are people who went through failed relationships and were traumatized by them, so they decided to marry a person they don't know. And there are also those who aren't even allowed to see their partners before getting married."

However, many thought her sarcastic argument completely made sense

"Reasonable words." 

"I swear what she said is completely right, marriage isn't a matter of scratch and win"

People could truly relate to Al Bhawed's perspective on the matter

"She's right, I think about this same issue every day. Imagine I marry someone who misspells the word but (laken) in Arabic." 

"Imagine I marry someone who texts me good morning every single day"

"Don't want to be fooled? Don't get married"

Some tweeps started coming up with solutions to arranged marriages

"The moment someone proposes to me, I'll turn into a detective, figure out his past and stalk all his social media pages. There's a chance I'd then turn him down." 

"I am with her especially when it comes to putting pineapple on pizza"

The conversation quickly turned into a meltdown over pineapples on pizza

"Did you ever try pizza with pineapple as a topping?!"

"I am amazed by those who forgot the main idea and focused on pineapple as a pizza topping"

"You should add those to your list."