Ramadan is over, and so are the intense TV marathons. It's the end of the hours spent staring at a TV or mobile screen and skipping annoying ads to watch our favorite shows.

And because Hollywood ain’t got nothing on us, we at StepFeed decided to give away our own Ramadan TV Oscars… because what is watching TV without praising, analyzing, criticizing and moaning?

Without further ado, here are our Oscars for the best and worst of what we have seen this Ramadan TV season:

1. Best Villain Oscar

Yousra was by far the best villain in "Fok Mostawa El Shobohat." She successfully shed the goody two shoes persona she had for years and gave us a powerful performance as a mentally disturbed woman on a mission to destroy the lives of her neighbors.

Runner up:

Anoushka in "Grand Hotel"

2. Fall from Grace Oscar

point 1

I just want to know what is going on inside Kosai Khauli’s head after giving us the worst performance of his career in the ridiculous series "Jareemat Shaghaf." He barely spoke a word in the first three episodes! If there is an award for “the longest stare at a wall” in TV history he definitely deserves it!

Runner up:

Nelly Kareem in "Soqoot Hurr"

3. Best Series Oscar

The makers of "Grand Hotel" deserve a standing ovation for giving us the best series in Ramadan 2016. This is what a masterpiece looks like: perfection from casting to acting to writing to wardrobe and lighting. We think many producers and directors will be inspired by this hit show in the next season.

Runner up:

"Al Nadam"

4. Worst Series Oscar

Jareema means crime, and "Jareemat Shaghaf" is definitely a crime against drama and general taste! We’re not sure if it even qualifies as a series… in our opinion it is just a long and boring video clip (after all, the director is famous for directing music clips!)  Even Amal Arafa and Mona Wasif could not save this awful, time wasting, poorly written show.

Runner up:

"Heya w Davinci"

5. Rising to Stardom Oscar

point 5

Remember the name Mohamed Mamdouh, because we predict a huge future for this Egyptian actor after his stellar performance as Amin, the naive and kindhearted giant in "Grand Hotel." Mamdouh added quirky mannerisms and a special walk to the character to make it his own, making it more believable. This is what real acting should look like *cough* Kosay Khauli *cough*

6. Worst Facial Expression Oscar

point 6

Can someone tell Wonho Chung (Issa in "Saq Al Bamboo") that he doesn’t have to keep the same expression on his face for 30 episodes?! Unless that’s the only expression he’s capable of doing. A hint for our dear actor: acting requires more than just one facial expression.

Runner up:

Nadine Al Rassi’s mandatory pout in every scene of "Jareemat Shaghaf"

point 6 nadine

7. Sack Your Dentist Oscar

point 7

No matter what role Bassem Yakhour is playing, we simply can’t get past his florescent white teeth! I mean seriously habibi, don’t you have a mirror? And you actually paid your dentists for those ridiculous teeth?!

Runner up:

The entire female cast of "Bab El Hara" and Shojoon Al Hajeri in "Saq Al Bamboo"

8. Most Disappointing Series Oscar

It definitely goes to "Waad!" What started as a lighthearted romantic comedy turned halfway into a dark, psychotic crime drama for no good reason whatsoever! We are not really sure what to make of that!

Runner up:

"Al Khorouj"

9. Head in the Clouds Oscar

This award goes to beauty queen turned actress Nadine Nassib Njeim who seems to think she’s on the same level as Meryl Streep (just check her comments on social media). While we agree that she’s improving role after role, she still has a long way to go and we nicely advise her to get a reality check and focus more on acting and less on bragging.

Runner up:

Maguy Bou Ghosn

10. Everlasting Makeup Oscar

point 10

Normal women wakeup in the morning without makeup on, but actress Safaa Sultan (Shahd in "Domino") doesn’t! Neither do the actresses of "Khatoon!" These actresses’ motto is "go heavy on the makeup or go home." They simply don’t care what time of day it is, or if the role requires makeup or not, they just have to have that pink pout and those thick lashes!

Runner up:

Jessie Abdo (Rania in "Jareemat Shaghaf") who still had eyeliner on her eyes after wiping off the makeup! Magic!

Point 10 Jessie Abdo