Unless you used the long weekend to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the Lebanese social media world, then you have probably seen the video of Ragheb Alama slipping on stage.

The Lebanese superstar ended the Bkassine Festival with a bang - quite literally - and the internet did not cut him any slack.

In the videos that have been making the rounds online, Alama can be seen gliding horizontally across the stage, in what people have described as an attempt to moon-walk.

Unfortunately, the dance move did not go as well as expected, as Alama slipped and fell on stage.

However, he managed to quickly pick himself up and carry on with his performance, singing for over one hour after the fall.

As per the national norm, people did not allow the incident to pass smoothly. Instead, they commented on the incident with sarcasm and mockery, with the singer's name trending on the country's Twittersphere for two days. 

In response, the Lebanese singer took to the social media platform to explain what happened, saying that the stage floor was slippery due to the high level of humidity in Bkassine.

"This is my fate, I fell and it passed with no harm thank God," he added, calling people out for making a huge deal out of it.

People couldn't help but crack jokes

"The real reason behind Ragheb Alama's fall." 

The video depicts a terrorist sniper shooting at the Lebanese singer after saying "Ragheb Alama, you always save yourself from me in a jiffy," in reference to Alama's habit of claiming he was near several terrorist attacks when they happened and survived them all. 

"I was 10 meters away from the location of Ragheb Alama's fall." 

Conspiracy theories ensued

"Ragheb Alama's slip coincided with the hydrogen bomb in Korea." 

Of course, Adeela had the perfect responses

Was he attempting a Micheal Jackson moon-walk?

This guy enjoyed twisting Alama's lyrics

But, not everyone found it funny

"Ragheb Alama slipped and they made a mountain out of a molehill." 

Words of support came pouring in

"Despite his fall, Ragheb Alama will remain the singer with the best voice. It [the slip] is very normal and it happens to everyone. It's not the end of the world. Thank God you're safe."

"He's human before being a star"

"I don't understand why the video of Ragheb Alama falling yesterday is being shared that much. We all fall and slip, and Ragheb is a human being like everyone else before being a star."