Dr. Tareq Al Habib Source: www.okaz.com.sa

Over the weekend, a well known Saudi psychologist sparked outrage on social media after he shared a horrific video of his son brutally slaughtering a sacrificial animal for Eid Al Adha. 

Within minutes of sharing the video, it went viral on Twitter and led thousands to react with anger. 

Amid the intense online backlash, Dr. Tareq Al Habib spoke to Okaz Newspaper, explaining that his son did nothing wrong and was only trying to learn the 'Islamic' way to slaughter an animal.

"My son is fifteen, at his age it's normal to be learning how to slaughter a sacrificial animal according to the Islamic Sharia. There were three butchers at the scene helping him learn how to do it. The only mistake was that one of them gave my son the wrong type of knife to use," Al Habib explained. 

When asked why he decided to share the video, disregarding the psychological effects it might have on people, the psychologist said: 

"There won't be any psychological effects on viewers here because they're used to seeing things that are much worse in films and on TV." 

While, slaughtering sacrificial animals, often sheep, is an important ritual during Eid Al Adha, there are very specific instructions on how animals should be slaughtered in a humane and halal manner. 

However, sacrificial animals are still tortured and sometimes even mocked as they are being slaughtered for the holiday. 

Outrage on social media

*The video is available online but we choose not to share such graphic content in line with ethical standards.

Even though Al Habib tried to explain the matter, people on social media were still not having any of it. 

Many didn't get what the point was behind sharing such a gruesome video. 

While others were angered over the entire thing and stressed that the footage doesn't reflect Islamic slaughter rules, which are specific when it comes to not scaring the animals. 

People were angered by the footage

"It's OK son, torture a sacrificial animal so that you'll learn how to do it the right way...  ready to kill now?"

"What we saw in this video is just simply unacceptable"

"The worst thing I saw today"

Many were traumatized by the video

"They tortured the animal, this is terribly upsetting. I felt nauseated watching this." 

Others raised this point

"If he doesn't respect animal rights, how is he going to respect human rights?"

Some want authorities to take action against Al Habib

"Doesn't this video go against the Ministry of Culture and Information's publishing rules? You've got to be strict when it comes to applying them." 

While others feel the incident was blown out of proportion

"We all taught our children the Islamic way to slaughter, there's nothing wrong with this." 

Arab governments issue strict regulations on animal slaughter

Before the Eid Al Adha holiday began last week, governments in countries around the world and in the Arab region imposed strict regulations on the slaughter of sacrificial animals. 

This is because there are strong beliefs and traditions in Islam which promote the humane treatment of animals, particularly the ones who will be slaughtered and offered to Allah. 

There are very specific regulations that have to be adhered to. 

"Attention must be paid not to harm the animal. Pushing, shoving and beating animals while slaughtering, which we sometimes see in big cities, is brutality; it has nothing to do with Islamic ethics."

“God has ordained kindness (and excellence) in everything. If the killing (of animals) is to be done, do it in the best manner, and when you slaughter, do it in the best manner by first sharpening the knife, and putting the animal at ease, (Saheeh Muslim)."