Earlier this week, Muslim Tweep Advil (Abdul) shared racist messages he received from an unidentified man on Twitter. 

The man launched the online attack on Abdul ... because his name isn't American enough. 

The racist started the conversation by sending the tweep a "go back to your country" message. 

Abdul then hilariously replied with: "You go back to yours first, I'll be there Wednesday." 

The response seemed to anger the troll, who then pressed on with yet another similar derogatory comment, to which Abdul replied: "I am from Florida." 

This didn't help stop the racist rant though, because the attacker then retaliated with: 

"Just because you were born in Florida doesn't mean you are from there. Your name is Abdul,  you're not from Florida, or even American." 

After Abdul shared the entire conversation on Twitter, it went viral, prompting many to respond. 

Here's how it all went down: 

Abdul first shared the racist's rant and his responses on Twitter

"You are tolerated, not welcomed here"

Many hailed the way Abdul handled himself

Others just loved his responses

Some joined him in hitting back

Comebacks were pretty sarcastic

"Geography may not be his strong point"

Contradictions, contradictions...

Some were just not having it

"Ugh people"

Not the first time the Tweep faces racist attacks

"A day in my DM's"