Late on Wednesday, a video of a Qatari pilgrim allegedly being beaten in Saudi Arabia went viral on social media. 

In the footage, the pilgrim is seen kneeling, with his arms tied behind his back. 

The man filming is heard hurling offensive words at the Qatari, asking him why he had entered Saudi Arabia. 

Things escalate further and the man is then seen beating the pilgrim, and shoving him to the ground.  

A few minutes after the video began to widely circulate on various platforms, thousands refuted claims that it was shot in the kingdom and shared a different version of the story. 

People claimed this was all an act arranged by Qatari intelligence forces

After the now viral video began to circulate, someone found a report in which the same pilgrim who appears to be beaten in it, praises the kingdom's treatment of Qatari Hajj pilgrims. 

Many then made a connection between the two videos, claiming that because he had praised Saudi, the man was caught by Qatari intelligence forces and coerced into participating in the 'act' against the kingdom. 

Others shared proof of that

Other people began to share a tweet that was allegedly sent out by the pilgrim's cousin. 

In it, the man wrote: 

"My cousin #Hamad_Al Maari, was kidnapped and beaten upon his entrance to Qatar coming back from Hajj. The last time he communicated with the family, he said he was at the Salwa land border." 

Saudis don't use the word 'shino'

A few people shared a part of the video where the attacker is heard saying the word 'shino' (what), claiming that the word is rarely ever used in Saudi dialect. 

Others responded to the entire incident with sarcasm

All an act?

The majority of tweeps think it is

"All lies and false accusations"

"Is there anything in this footage that proves the person filming is Saudi? Or that the victim is really Qatari? Is there proof that this was shot in the kingdom? It's all lies and false accusations." 

Even if this were true... Saudis would stand against such behavior

"If this is true, as a Muslim and a Saudi I ask that the man who did this be punished and I am sure that all Saudis wouldn't condone this kind of behavior." 

Many shared videos reminding everyone of this fact: "We're all one"