Many people still hesitate when it comes to traveling. After months of saving money aside, it's not always easy to see thousands of dollars go on booking hotels and plane tickets - not to mention the less fortunate who need a visa. 

Here's a list of tips to brave it out and get your next adventure going:

1. Opt for off-season

Caribbean Source: Pixabay

First things first: What is "off-peak" in one country might not be in another. Do some research on your desired destinations, locate the different tourist seasons, and plan much ahead of your travel dates. 

For instance, the off-season in the Caribbean is usually April to August, while Europe would be from January to March. As for Africa, it is mostly wallet-friendly between May and September.

2. Compare the best flight and hotel offers

Hotel Dolmen Resort, Bugibba, Malta
Source: Wikimedia

Middle Eastern online travel platform tajawal features compelling offers, deals, and savings on flights and hotels to countless destinations around the world. 

The more flexible you are with your destination and dates, the better options you'll get. Sign up for email or text alerts on tajawal's website or application, and compare prices on the best flights and hotels on offer.

3. Eat where the locals do

Philippines, street food, street market
Source: Trip Advisor

The key to finding good (and awesomely cheap places) to eat is to get inside information on the best haunts in the city. 

Enter: The locals. 

Locals are usually chatty and ready to help with such decisions. It's food at the end of the day, and it better be good and memorable. 

Also, a little tip: Sign up for a local food tour - thank us later.

4. City guides

City guides are a great way to help you navigate through everything you might like to do while you're at the destination. 

With a solid plan - cheap flight and hotel - you'll have a broader avenue to experience local favorites such as food, sightseeing, and adventure. 

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