A British royal tour is coming to Kuwait and Oman as Prince William preps to visit both countries next month. The four-day trip, which was planned at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, was announced by Kensington Palace last week and is set to start on Dec.1. 

The Duke of Cambridge won't be accompanied by his wife, Kate Middleton, nor his three children during the trip. Though details regarding the royal's full itinerary have not been made public yet, he is expected to visit dignitaries in both nations. 

The announcement of the trip comes just weeks after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned from their first-ever trip to Pakistan. 

Not the first time the royal visits the region

Source: YouTube

The upcoming trip won't mark the first time Prince William visits the Arab world as he's been to the region before. 

Last year, the Duke of Cambridge visited Jordan as part of a five-day tour of the Middle East which also saw him make a historic trip to the Occupied Palestinian territories. 

Upon arrival in the kingdom, the British royal was welcomed by Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein. The two bonded beyond formalities as they watched a FIFA World Cup game at Beit Al Urdan Palace in Amman and visited touristic spots. 

During last year's tour, Prince William made a stop at the occupied West Bank, becoming the first British Royal to ever do so. 

At the time, the royal met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, visited a refugee camp in Ramallah, spoke with local entrepreneurs, took a taste of local cuisine, and watched as Palestinians performed the traditional dabke dance.

Prince William delivered a speech telling Palestinians that they "have not been forgotten." 

Though his trip was dubbed as historic, some locals questioned the intentions behind it. Others criticized the visit given that the royal represents Britain, a country that took a stance for the Balfour Declaration and the division of Palestine.