Rain. Rain. Go away. 

This is the mantra playing through the minds of many Saudis. 

For the past week, heavy rains and floods have been disrupting life in the kingdom. The cities of Dammam, Khobar, Qatif, Jubail, Al-Ahsa and Al-Khafji have all been effected.

In the Asir region, floods left one person dead while more than 280 others were rescued by authorities, according to Arab news. The Civil Defense has been dealing with more than 900 emergency calls.

Government schools were closed and companies have reported low attendance by employees. 

Residents are saying this is the most rain they've ever seen.

"In my memory never before we had witnessed persistent rain for such a long period,” Abdullah Al-Anzi, a resident of Al-Khobar, told The Saudi Gazette.

Here's a look at the damage.

People are wading through shopping malls

Parked cars are completely submerged

And some vehicles were even less fortunate

There's seriously a lot of water

This video captures the sheer volume of it all

And in some regions, massive hail has been falling as well