If you're looking to boost your mood, Egyptian social media star Mohammed Tarek is definitely your answer ... and people have already turned him into one big meme. 

Known for poking fun at Egyptians through his vlogs - where he usually sings popular Western songs in an Egyptian accent - the 19-year-old has a loyal and active fanbase - one that decided to take trolling to another level on Sunday. 


By taking several images from Tarek's social media accounts and turning them into hilarious memes that describe everyday struggles. You won't be able to keep a straight face.

"When you find out your crush is dating"

Those extended family gatherings be like

When you get all weird around your crush

When the future isn't going as good as expected

"When you're pissed off but someone puts a plate of food in front of you"

The struggle with Arab mothers is beyond real

"When you are just obsessed with him and your best friend shares the same feeling"

FOOD, need I say more?