Saudi Arabia's new Crown Prince is young, 31 years old young. 

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS, has risen to power, but he is not the only millennial who will be in a position of influence in Saudi Arabia. A new trend has begun in the kingdom, according to Bloomberg, the prince will be joined by his young cousins and relatives, who will also be taking lead roles. They will be among the world's most powerful millennials. 

Why is that important? Millenials have been known to do things differently and shake things up; Prince bin Salman is no exception. He has been labeled a bold and ambitious risk taker. 

The prince will be focused on serious matters such as Saudi Arabia's economy, social reforms, and defense, but will not overlook the fun stuff. He has promised amusement parks as well as the ability to attend musical concerts while limiting the religious police's authority.  All good news for Saudi Arabia's young population, where 70 percent of the country is under the age of 35, reports the NYTimes.

Professor Khaled Batarfi's comments on the young prince's ascension:

"The current situation requires a lot of effort and quick decision-making and courage... The past generation may not be as quick rhythmically or have the speed that's needed to carry out a transformation... The country needs new blood and a new generation because the changes needed are big." 

The New York Times reports that the new Crown Prince has granted several interviews to Western media outlets, which is a deviation from past rulers and other top Saudi officials.

This as the New Yorker calls the transition "Saudi Arabia's Game of Thrones". 

In an interview with the Economist, MSB states:

"The Saudi Arabia that I hope not dependent on oil; it is a Saudi Arabia with a growing economy; a Saudi Arabia with transparent laws; a Saudi Arabia with a very strong position in the world; a Saudi Arabia that can fulfill the dream of any Saudi, or his ambition, through creating enticing incentives, the right environment; a Saudi Arabia with sustainability; a Saudi Arabia that guarantees the participation of everyone in decision-making."

So far, it seems like there will be good things on the Horizon for Saudi Arabia.