For some odd reason, a number of Mo Salah lookalikes have magically surfaced on planet Earth after the Egyptian footballer rose to fame.

But, as objective as one may be, the most recent mix-up takes the cake. Why? Because people confused two epic humans as being one. 

Chaos broke on the internet when Institut du Monde Arabe, a cultural institute linking the Arab world with France and Europe, posted a video on its official Twitter account. The footage was one of Khansaa Lebanese performing artist who is known for challenging gender, masculinity, and intimacy. 

But, the angle from which the video was shot framed Khansa as an identical twin to Salah. Unexpectedly. 

First things first, watch the video:

The confusion: "I thought this was Mo Salah"

The sarcasm: "Turns out Mo Salah has another talent besides his morals"

The countless questions: "Is that Salah?"

More questions: "That's Mo Salah, or am I mistaken?"

The confidence: "Mo Salah kinda got moves"

The classic puns: "Mo Salsa"

The clarifications: Institut du Monde Arabe confirmed it's not Salah

"No, this is not Mo Salah. You can find him though at the 'Football and the Arab world' exhibition." Source: Twitter/imarabe

For those of you who don't know Khansa, he is pretty legendary

The Lebanese performer grabbed the attention of many in 2017 after the release of Khayef, a rendition of Egyptian singer Mohmad Abdel-Wahab's Khayf Akoul li fi Qalbi (I am afraid to say what's in my heart,) with an original (and brilliant) music video.

The music video tells the story of a young boy with a passion for belly dancing, struggling to express his true identity. Khansa aimed to challenge the gender narratives prevalent in the Arab world, which positions belly-dancing as a threat to masculinity.

The artist also shed light on gender fluidity and non-conformity, and the many struggles young people face when it comes to gender identity. It also showcased the Arab society's perception of effeminacy and androgyny, encouraging people to embrace their true selves.

And well, them Khansa #HipsDontLie