Footage capturing a huge snake in Saudi Arabia's Asir governorate recently sent the kingdom's internet into a frenzy. 

Speaking to Sabq news site, the person who filmed the now-viral video, Ibrahim Issa Al Waeli Al Asiri, said he came across the "Arabian Cobra" on Saturday. 

"I was on a trip to the desert in Wadi Dol'ea when I hiked up a mountain and was surprised to spot this serpent. I saw it eat another snake and immediately filmed the moment," he said. 

Al Asiri explained that the snake is actually smaller than what's portrayed in the video, adding that it's about two meters long.  

"I had to zoom in while filming, that's why it looks so big. I didn't hurt or kill the snake and just got back to my trek after filming it," he added. 

Many were left terrified after watching the footage. Others thought it was normal to come across similar creatures in the country's mountainous areas. 

Some tweeps were in denial

"He must've played with this footage using an app." 

Others were absolutely terrified

"Oh my God, it's scary." 

Terrified is quite an understatement here

"Is anyone else terrified by this?"

"Is this a dinosaur or a snake?"

"Ya sater"

Many thought the creature shouldn't have been allowed to escape

"Why didn't the person filming this kill this creature or call civil defense teams?" 

Others couldn't disagree more though

"This creature shouldn't be killed. Authorities must dispatch specialists to transfer it to a zoo. This is a rare species of snakes."

"It's called the Arabian Cobra"

Not the first time a huge snake is spotted in the kingdom

Source: Gulf News

In 2014, a three-meter snake was found at a navy camp located in Jeddah. At the time, security personnel at the site chased the creature and killed it. 

According to Gulf News, "there are over 50 species of snakes found in Saudi Arabia - including cobras, horned vipers, and sea snakes."