Burnout and pessimism may be central issues facing millennials across the globe, but when it comes to Saudis, the future doesn't look so bleak.

In fact, a study commissioned by Dubai's Expo 2020 recently found that people in the kingdom make up one of the world's most optimistic populations. Published on Tuesday, the world's first Global Optimism Outlook Survey - which was conducted by YouGov - revealed that Saudis are the most optimistic population in both the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the world. The research's findings are based on interviews conducted with over 20,000 people across 23 countries. 

According to the findings, 61 percent of the Gulf state's public identified themselves as optimists - a number that is five percent higher than the global average - while 68 percent said they have a bright outlook on their own future. 

The majority of those surveyed in Saudi Arabia also highlighted the importance of tolerance and respect in creating a better world for the future.

Their optimism was in part based on the fact that Saudi Arabia will be contributing to the conservation of natural resources and the use of alternative energy. The latter explains why 67 percent of people surveyed in the kingdom were said to have a positive outlook on the kingdom's path toward a sustainable future. 

The rise of optimism in Saudi Arabia is related to the recent transformations

Increased optimism in the country comes at a time when the kingdom is moving forward in its plans to transform and modernize the country. 

Under the nation's Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia reversed its longstanding bans on public concerts and cinemas, started granting women their most basic of rights, and announced that it's building a mega-city named NEOMOnce its construction process is completed, NEOM is set to become the largest carbon-free location in the world and a global hub for renewable energy.

The country has also embarked on a massive scheme aimed at diversifying its non-oil revenues. Local officials have also been working on decreasing chronically high unemployment rates among nationals. 

In recent months, Saudi Arabia has been focused on developing its sports sector and has heavily invested in artificial intelligence technologies. 

A look at optimism in other Arab nations

The survey included 5,000 responses from five other Arab countries as well. These include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and Jordan. 

Of the 1,000 people surveyed in the UAE, 90 percent said they believe "individuals and communities can shape a more positive future through greater collaboration."

In Jordan, 70 percent of those interviewed explained that they were generally optimistic about the future "in spite of economic and developmental challenges."

Collectively, the Middle East's hopes are up in general and are markedly high when it comes to combating climate change.  

So how was this survey put together?

The study is the world's first index "focused on tracking and driving global optimism levels through environmental and social change."

It covers subjects including technology, travel, and climate change, which are linked to the three key sub-themes of Dubai's Expo 2020: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.

The Global Optimism Outlook Survey "was broken down by geographical region, gender, employment, marital status, and income to track individual, national, and global priorities for the future; namely sustainability, economic development, technology, travel, and climate change."