Ever walked into an aircraft wondering what it would be like to actually live in one? If yes, then wonder no more because you can now experience staying in a vacation home made up of an out-of-service Etihad Airways jet. 

Located in North Wales, the holiday rental - named "Arabian Nights Airbus" - costs up to 918 dirhams ($250) a night ... but it looks like it's completely worth it. The visionary behind the project is a man named Toby Rhys-Davies who bought the airbus from a junkyard for 205,000 dirhams ($55,813) before transforming it into quite the unique business.

After making his purchase, the man parked the plane in a campsite called "Apple Camping" and now fully operates it. Before being bought by Etihad Airways in 2003, the Airbus was owned by Air Canada, then leased to Air Malta, and is now in the hands of Davies. 

Apple Camping boasts other unique stays for adventurous souls. One can rent an unidentified flying object (UFO) for a night, a Yurt (a round-shaped tent,) or even a Geodesic Dome. The campsite also has a whole private jet experience called The Jet Star which allows people to feel like VIPs amid nature.

Doesn't get any more unique

Other than the fact that the plane's seats were taken out and replaced with beds, chairs, a couch, and hot showers, the aircraft's interior is pretty much the same.

The vacation home fits up to four people and comes with basic airplane amenities including a kitchen, overhead luggage compartments, windows, and emergency exits.

Two interconnected sections of the aircraft are in use at the campsite. One of them houses the bedrooms and the other was turned into a BBQ area all complete with a wooden deck for an outdoor view. 

Fancy a stay at the airplane hotel?

"It's not everyday you pick up a [sic] airplane"

Not the only airplane landmark you must experience

Source: Jason Lemon

If you're into airplane hotels and houses but can't make it all the way to Wales, there's one that you could visit in Lebanon. It's "the airplane house" in the Lebanese village of Miziara, a home that's basically constructed to look like an old airplane. 

The unconventional home was built in 1970 and looks like an exact replica of an Airbus A380. The place was built by a couple who now lives in Australia. It "boasts two floors, 41 portholes on each side, as well as a cockpit and landing wheels," according to the Middle East Eye