On Saturday, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah - who scored 44 goals in all competitions for Liverpool this season - left the field injured during the first half of the Champions League final. 

The 25-year-old striker suffered ligament damage in his shoulder following a controversial challenge involving Real Madrid captain and defender, Sergio Ramos. 

Ramos grabbed Salah's arm while both were fighting for the ball, forcing the Liverpool forward to leave 30 minutes into the game ... and that's when the internet completely lost it.

On Sunday, Salah said he expects to take part in the World Cup in Russia with the Egyptian national team. 

Still, people are giving Ramos a taste of his own medicine ... that is hate.

"I now know who sent Ramos to injure Mo Salah"

"Ramos the dog, the son of shoes"

"Retweet if you hate him" became a thing pretty fast

The hashtag #RamosTheAnimal began trending on Arabic Twitter

Memes in reference to the hashtag came to life

"Every Muslim in the world making dua against Ramos now"

Google search among Arabs be like:

"I think Ramos has a future in WWE"

On Ramos' attitude

And heartless acts

Ramos defined: "an annoyance"

Others have put the blame on "hasad"

Maybe Mo Salah should wear this evil eye around his body next game?