Last week, Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid made headlines for something other than being on top runways. 

Leaving a Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, the star spotted one of her own security guards getting rough with a female photographer (or paparazza) and she just wasn't having it. 

Coming to the photographer's defense, Hadid pushed the guard away from the woman, yelling: "Excuse me, can you please, don't touch her!" 

She then attentively turned to the photographer and asked if she was ok. 

Here's how it all went down: 

The model was swamped by photographers as she left the show

She then spotted her guard roughly shoving away a female photographer

That's when she came right to her defense

Hadid then made sure to check on the photographer

Many hailed the model for her reaction

"Now THAT's a role model!"

A few thought it was all just for the cameras

While others felt the entire thing was blown out of proportion

Nevertheless, way to go Bella

Watch the full incident here: