Daniella Obeng Source: radiozet

An "inspirational" British singer has died in Qatar, less than a week after moving to the emirate for a promising music contract.

Daniella Obeng, the 32-year-old singer who hailed from Manchester, decided to move to the Gulf nation after her disability benefits were cut by the British government. According to media reports, Obeng was declared "fit to work" despite the fact that she suffered from a brain tumor and epilepsy, which caused her "silent seizures."

In need of income, the mother-of-one took a six-month contract to perform at Doha's Intercontinental Hotel. However, she was found deceased in her hotel room after just six days in the new city.

"Had she received the financial support she was in need of, we believe she might still be with us," a friend said, according to The Daily Mail.

"The travel and accompanying stress and pressure may have been a contributing factor in her premature passing," the friend added, seeming to suggest Obeng's death was related to her ongoing illness.

However, the singer, who went by the stage name Devi Ka, was in good health when she left the United Kingdom, according to her boyfriend, Stefan Paunefcu.

"When she left to go to Qatar her health was probably the best it had been for years, and she had not had a seizure for six months," Paunefcu said.

"The neurologist said he could start looking into [surgery] but she said ‘I’m ok for now’. It is strange what has happened," he added, according to The Independent.

Source: The Sun

A crowdfunding page for Obeng's family has been set up online. According to the page, the singer was planning to record a music album as well.

“She was following her team to produce an album with original songs written by her in order to bring healing and love to others in the world," the page says.

"We feel aggrieved that she had to make the choice to leave the UK in order to earn some funds for the future for herself and her young son."

The page also hails Obeng as a true "inspiration," who showed courage, strength, and determination in face of adversity.

An inquest is being made into the singer's death.