Nearly every year, an Arab version of some popular western TV series or film gets a bit of screen time during Ramadan ... and this year's duplicate drew inspiration from none other than Breaking Bad.

Egyptian series, Weld El-Ghalaba (Son of the Poor) did more than just draw some inspiration from the American drama series. Its writers and producers basically did a "scene by scene" copy of the show and followed quite a similar plot line with Egyptian actor Ahmed El Sakka.

The series was broadcast on pan-Arab channel MBC during the month of Ramadan ... and the mockery has been well-present all throughout. But, towards the end of May, the scrutiny heightened and it seems to be the topic of conversation on Twitter recently. 

*Say My Name*

A look at some of the "duplicated" scenes

Scene #1: Cash on the table

Scene #2: Nose injury

Scene #3: Meeting with "Saul"

Scene #4: Saul's facial expressions

The jokes are pouring in

"Even the nose wound is the same, subhanallah"

"Better Call Leba?"

Coincidence? I think not

"Breaking Bad Series: Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher gets involved in drug trafficking after he's diagnosed with lung cancer - to secure his family's future finances. Sure, it's a coincidence that the Egyptian series has the exact same plot."

Inspired by this cat?

Or maybe Kim Kardashian?

Walter White's everywhere

The Egyptian series in a nutshell