Arab moms are masters at almost everything, but when it comes to technology, their struggle is real. 

From getting around Google searches to figuring out touchscreens, there are times they've proved technology just isn't for them. 

Don't believe us? Here's proof: 

1. When they can't even pronounce the name of the device they're using

2. When the "voice type" doesn't work with their Arabic

3. When they thought leaving mobiles close to sinks was OK

That's never a good idea unless the phone is a strong water resistant Samsung Galaxy S9.

4. When they searched personal document names on Google

Yep, you read that right. 

5. When they savagely tried to figure out WhatsApp

"Mom: Mohammad, is it working now? Answer me you animal or else I'll come right over.

My mom just got WhatsApp and is trying it out on me..."

6. When they thought Arab Twitter was an actual app

7. When they couldn't tell the difference between landlines and mobile phones

"My mom is using my mobile for a call and doesn't get that it isn't a landline." 

8. When technology got them all confused

Just in case you still thought the struggle isn't real. 

9. When they couldn't figure out Instagram profile pic settings

10. When they thought technology is sound proof

We rest our case. 

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