Egyptian actor Ahmed Magdy has been stealing the hearts and minds of women all over the Arab world for years ... but now it's gotten pretty serious.

Magdy's appearance in the Ramadan TV series Le A3la Se3ir (At the Highest Price) - alongside legendary Egyptian actress Nelly Karim and Ahmed Fahmy - has seriously got the world love-struck.

The 31-year-old actor was born to an Algerian mother and an Egyptian father (director Magdy Ahmed Ali in case you were wondering) ... and to say the least, he's most definitely taken the best of both worlds. 

People are using pretty intense descriptions to pronounce their love and admiration

Like really intense

Well, can we blame them?

Look into those eyes

Who doesn't love a man in uniform?

That view ... and no I'm not talking about the sunset ... or the water

Mirror selfies? Only Magdy would bring them back in style

He's got that dark beard thing going on ...

Has your heart melted yet?