In the past few months (and years) it has become a common occurrence for trolls to target Muslims on social media, especially after a terrorist attack.

In the wake of London's Westminster attack on Wednesday, things weren't so different. 

An unidentified Muslim woman walking past the scene became the target of hate. Why? Here's a breakdown. 

Many accused the woman of being "emotionless" and "indifferent"

She is the "other"

"Walk on by"

Jamie Lorriman, the freelance photographer who took the photo spoke up after it went viral, saying: "the idea that the woman he photographed wearing the hijab was ignoring the scene as she was walking past was wrong," according to The New Daily.

This led many commenters to speak up against the accusations, vehemently defending the unidentified woman.

Perhaps she was scared, confused and in shock like all other Brits were?

"Or a nurse or doctor heading to work, or a mother collecting her kids."

"Haven't we learned by now not to paint pictures based on 1 millisecond?"

"I refuse to believe that you cannot see beyond a headscarf."

"Stop spreading hate"

People also made this important point:

Five people were killed, including a police officer and the attacker in London's Westminster this Wednesday. At least 50 people were injured, The Guardian said. 

The assailant was identified as Khalid Masood, 52, who was born in Kent as Adrian Russell Ajao. The Islamic State (Daesh) claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement it released through the Amaq news agency, which it uses to broadcast propaganda. The claim remains unverified. 

Hate motivated violence and discrimination against Muslims has been on the rise in the past year, possibly fueled by the divisive rhetoric of many of the world's leaders who link an entire religion with the terms "Islamic extremism" and "terrorism."

What many choose to ignore is the clear fact that Muslims have also been victims of terrorism and have always stood in solidarity with those who are affected by it.