EgyptAir launched not one, but two flights crewed entirely and solely by women on Wednesday, which was celebrated as Egyptian Women's Day.

The pilots, co-pilots and flight attendants were all women. Talk about some serious girl power!

Captained by Hasnaa Taymour, the first historic flight flew from Cairo to Abu Dhabi. The second, led by Heba Darwish, flew to Kuwait. 

In its history, the Egyptian airline has only employed 15 female pilots. 

"Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathi witnessed the launch of two EgyptAir flights with the first female-only crews on board. This comes as part of nationwide celebrations of the Egyptian Women’s day and in recognition of their contributions to Egyptian society. 

The two flights took off from Cairo’s Airport at 9:00 a.m. [on Wednesday]. 

Flight 914 (an airbus 330) flew to Abu Dhabi, and was captained by Hasnaa Taymour and co-piloted by Sara Abdel Fatah. Flight 610 (a Boeing 800-737) headed for Kuwait, and was flown by Captain Heba Darwish and co-piloted by Sarah Rushdi. 

In his statement, the Minister of Civil Aviation said that Egypt’s government announced that 2017 is the year of Egyptian women, in recognition of the vital role they play in all industries. He also stressed on the fact that the civil aviation industry is focused on supporting the role of women in aviation." 

Taymour told Egypt Independent that she was studying pharmacy when she first considered becoming a pilot. 

"I found out that the criteria applied to me. I consulted my father and he encouraged me to go through the academy's tests, which I passed successfully," Taymour said.

"I studied both pharmacy and aviation at the same time. But after graduation, I preferred to work in the field of aviation," she added.

Darwish studied aviation in the U.S. and has risen in EgyptAir's ranks until she captained a Boeing 727-800. In addition to Darwish and Taymour, EgyptAir currently has one other female pilot and seven female co-pilots.

The airline has employed 15 female pilots since its founding in 1932.

This is a big week for Taymour in particular, as she was also honored by Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Mother's Day on Tuesday.

"This day is a cherished anniversary in [our] history, a day that highlights how women have played a major role and have been active partners in every national success, both the old and new," Sisi said during the celebration.

Lotfia El Nadi, the first licensed Arab and African female pilot

While these may be the first all-women crews for EgyptAir, women aviators are nothing new in the country or the Arab world.

Lotfia El Nadi was one of the first licensed Arab and African woman to fly a plane. At age 26 (back in 1933) she flew a plane from Cairo to Alexandria, becoming one of the youngest women to fly.

In recent years, Arab women have been taking center-stage in the aviation industry. For International Women's Day earlier this month, Dubai's flagship carrier Emirates highlighted its female pilots as well.

From private pilots for Saudi royals to commercial airlines and fighter jets, Arab women have proven that they are just as capable in the skies as any man.