Qatar just added Pakistan to the growing list of countries that are granted visa-free or visa on arrival entrance to the emirate. 

Now, as long as Pakistani travelers have a valid passport for at least 6 months and an onward or return ticket, they will be granted a free 30-day visa when they arrive in Doha, according to Daily Pakistan

If Pakistanis wish to extend their stay, they can apply for an additional 30 days.

In early August, Qatar became the "most open country in the region," extending visa free access to nationals of 80 countries. 

Citizens of these 80 countries no longer need to apply for a visa or pay for one on arrival. Instead, they will simply be able to show their passport at customs and enter the country.

While many of the countries on the list already had relatively easy access to Qatar, simply having to pay a fee of 100 Qatari riyals ($27.50) upon arrival to obtain a tourist visa, this payment will now be waived.

"The visa exemption scheme will make Qatar the most open country in the region," Hassan al-Ibrahim, Chief Tourism Development officer at Qatar Tourism Authority said at the time, according to Reuters.

According to Pakistani media, it was previously difficult for Pakistanis to obtain visas to Qatar. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif personally addressed the matter back in March of 2017.