More than sixty five thousand people have signed an online petition on calling on the Lebanese minister of agriculture Ghazi Zeaiter, Lebanese minister of justice Salim Jreissati and President Michel Aoun to enforce punishment on an animal abuser who filmed himself viciously kicking cats.

The man, who has been identified by activists as John Saad, appeared in two videos that were widely circulated online last week. In both videos he is seen viciously kicking two cats, on two separate occasions, laughing while being filmed.

Abir Adnan of BETA (Beirut Ethical Treatment for Animals) spoke to StepFeed. She explained that the organization and its volunteers are doing everything they can to hold the abuser accountable. 

She also added that BETA will constantly update their social media platforms and website with news on the case.

"The fact that this is clear case of abuse with video evidence, makes our case stronger but there are still no guarantees that any punishment will be imposed. We support the petition and are doing our best to prevent such horrific abuse from taking place again," Adnan said. 

The videos were widely circulated online and were also shared on BETA's Facebook page, causing outrage and prompting thousands to sign the petition.

Other animal abuse cases

Scrolling down the social media pages of BETA, Animals Lebanon and other animal rescue organizations, reveals that this is not the first case of animal abuse in Lebanon.

And since there is no clear law that punishes animal abusers in the country, organizations fear that it won't be the last.