Arab men, they're either a make it or break it when it comes to women's hearts. 

It seems they've been doing a lot of winning lately, though.  

If Rihanna and her Saudi boo are not proof enough, how about Bill Gates' daughter's romantic relationship with Egyptian Nayel Nassar?

Well, single ladies, you're in for some luck as there are a bunch of Arab men available on the market... and they are just handsome AF.

Ready to swoon over these 25?

25. Abdel AbdelKader (Spanish-Moroccan)

Abdel Abdelkader, of Moroccan descent, is actually from Melilla, a small Spanish exclave located on the north coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco. 

A model by day, Abdelkader has done runway shows for Bench Body, Memo, and SM men's wear ads. 

If you love a bloke who can speak many languages, then Abdelkader is your man. He speaks English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Berber, and a little bit of Mandarin, having lived in China (Shanghai and Guangzhou) for three years.

Oh, and yes, he's got an eight pack - just in case you were wondering. 

24. Mutaz Barshim (Qatari-Sudanese)

Qatari-born Sudanese athlete Mutaz Barshim specializes in high jumps. The 26-year-old is well on his way to making history, breaking a 28-year meeting record at the IAAF Diamond League earlier this year. 

Barshim also made the highest jump recorded by a male athlete in the high jump category this year. 

So, there's no doubt he'll make your heart jump at first glance. 

23. Sultan Moussa (Saudi)


Sultan Moussa is a writer, activist, and social media personality from Saudi Arabia who is well known for his book Aqoom Qaylan, which discusses atheism and the existence of God. 

Moussa is known for delving into religion from a research perspective, specifically his research in 'Comparisons of Religions and History of Civilization.'

Moussa is a graduate in Financial Management from none other than Saudi Arabia's King, Saud University. 

Heated philosophical debates ... ROMANTIC!

22. Wael Mansour (Egyptian)

This 34-year-old Egyptian effortlessly combines talent and good looks.

Mansour is a singer, an actor, a television and radio presenter, and a gym addict. 

He surely knows how to keep himself busy. Worry not, he will always have time for you. 

21. Ward Sabbagh (Syrian)

Sabbagh is a 26-year-old Syrian actor and television presenter. He began his career as a radio host based in Aleppo before moving to Damascus in 2013 to pursue a career as a TV presenter in Al Donia and SAMA.

Even though he has thousands of female fans, the successful media personality says he’s not ready for marriage yet, but looks forward to finding the woman of his dreams in the future. 

So, get out there and show him what he's been missing out on!

20. Nour Ahmadein (Egyptian)

Nour Ahmadein is the Head of Marketing and Business Development for Uber Egypt. 

In addition to his post at Uber, the passionate and successful Egyptian entrepreneur also works in scaling and developing small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s). 

Born and raised in Cairo, the adventure loving entrepreneur went on to graduate with a degree in Business and International Studies from the University of San Francisco. 

He was also a “Division 1 Collegiate athlete.”

Just imagine what kind of adventures Ahmadein will take you on ... ohh #DREAMGOALS

19. Yacoub Shaheen (Palestinian)

At 23, the young Palestinian conquered hearts with his voice and charming looks ... and he's single so what are you waiting for?

Quite popular in his home country, Shaheen won the titles of 'Star of Palestine' in 2005 and 'Palestinian New Star' in 2012. 

He got his big break in the world of fame after winning Arab Idol - one of the most acclaimed singing contests in the Arab world - in 2017.

18. Mohammad El Sharnouby (Egyptian)

El Sharnouby is a 22-year-old Egyptian musician and actor who began his career at a very young age. He's been acting since 2008. 

One of his most notable performances was in the critically acclaimed 2016 Ramadan drama Afrah Al 2obba.

He also appeared in this year’s Ramadan hit La Totfe2 El Shams.

Whether it’s in feature films or television dramas, the young talent has always managed to strike the right chord with his huge female fanbase.

He'll be striking the right (heart) chords alright. 

17. Oussama Mellouli (Tunisian)

Source: Facebook

Oussama "Ous" Mellouli is a 33-year-old Tunisian swimmer who competes in freestyle and medley events. He is a three-time Olympic medalist and an African record holder. 

He comes from a computer science background ... so he'll definitely be able to decode you! 

16. Ahmed Magdy (Egyptian)

Ahmed Magdy - born to an Algerian mother and an Egyptian father - is a 31-year-old Egyptian actor and the country’s latest heartthrob. 

Magdy graduated with a law degree from Egypt’s Ain Shams University but never worked as a lawyer. He rather found himself working as a director, cameraman, and assistant director on several short and feature films after attending Cairo's Jesuit Cinema School. 

He starred in a few short films; his first major acting appearance was in the 2009 feature, Birds of the Nile.

Magdy stole hearts in two of this year’s most popular Ramadan TV dramas: Le A3la Se3r (At the Highest Price) and La Totefe2 el Shams (Don’t Let the Sun Set.) 

He will definitely steal your heart ... at the highest price

15. Abdallah Jomaa (Saudi)

Abdallah Jomaa is a travel writer, Harvard law graduate, social media personality, and the Middle East Ambassador of #DriveToCartier. 

You would start loving arguments after just one sit-down with Jomaa. No doubt.

14. Firass Dirani (Lebanese)

The Lebanese-Australian actor was born in 1984 and has since made a name for himself in Hollywood. 

Dirani appeared in major blockbusters such as Power Rangers Mystic Force, The Combination, and Hacksaw Ridge among many others. He's also played Justin Baynie in the TV series House Husbands since 2012.

Aside from his success in Hollywood, Dirani is handsome AF. Just look at those piercing eyes! 

13. Yusuf Dwairi (Jordanian)

He's a model, a fashion guru, and yes, a doctor in the making. His European features and fashion taste cannot go unnoticed. 

The 24-year-old is of Jordanian-Turkish origin but lives in Cairo where he undertakes his medical studies at the Cairo University Faculty of Medicine. 

To add a cherry on top, Dwairi has a twin, and he never fails to show his deep rooted love and pride toward his basketball player brother. 

That scruff though ... 

12. Omar Belmir (Moroccan)

The 25-year-old Moroccan singer and YouTube star will win you over with his boyish charm, charming voice, and hip tunes.

Boasting some 1.5 million followers on Instagram and almost 500,000 subscribers on Youtube, Belmir records covers and original music alongside his sister Rajaa Belmir. 

11. Saood El San3oussi (Kuwaiti)

Saud Alsanousi is a Kuwaiti novelist and journalist whose debut novel The Prisoner of Mirrors (2010) earned him the Leila Othman Prize. 

His writings are nothing short of successful. In 2011, he won a competition held by Al-Araby magazine and BBC Arabic for his short story The Bonsai and the Old Man.

He also won the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2013 for his novel The Bamboo Stalk, which tells the story of immigrant workers. 

Who doesn't love a man who's good with words? 

10. Badr Al-Zidane (Saudi)

Saudi TV host Badr Al-Zidane has been working in the television and radio industry for years. 

Just look at that jawline ... speechless indeed.

9. Nassif Zeytoun (Syrian)

Zeytoun is a Syrian singer who rose to fame after winning the 7th season of LBCI’s reality program Star Academy.

Before he appeared on the show in 2010, the 28-year-old artist was a student at Syria’s Higher Institute of Music and Performing Arts. His first album, Ya Samt was released in 2013 to critical and commercial success. 

Three years later, in 2016, Zeytoun dropped his second chart-busting album, Toul El Yom. The record topped charts for months and garnered millions of views on Youtube. 

Super successful, handsome, talented and single ... need we say more? 

8. Ahmad El Sayyed (Egyptian)

Better known as TwistedCurlz, 29-year-old Ahmed El Sayyed is one of the UAE’s lead fashion bloggers. 

The blue-eyed vlogger posts about fitness, travel, grooming, and fashion on his YouTube channel.

He's the co-founder of House Of Nomad, an urban clothing brand made in his home country, the Emirates.  

Dreamy, no?

7. Bassel Al-Zaro (Egyptian-Jordanian)

Al Zaro is Egyptian-Jordanian with Palestinian roots. He began his career at the age of 16 after winning the Melody Premiere TV Presenters competition in 2004. 

In 2008, he graduated from the prestigious MSA University with a degree in International Marketing and Business. 

After hosting X Factor Arabia, Al Zarro caught the attention of casting directors across the region. Since then, he has gone on to act in several Arabic drama series and he’s currently co-hosting MBC’s ET bil Arabi.

No doubt, he'll make a good host for your heart. 

6. Mohamed Zeyara (Palestinian)

Canadian-based filmmaker, public speaker, youth advisor, and medical student, Mohamed Zeyara is only 23 years old. 

He lived in Gaza for eight years where he gathered inspiration and knowledge to make videos about and for Muslims.

Halal lovin' ... all the way! 

5. Adil Echbi (Moroccan)

The Moroccan singer, composer and song writer was part of MBC's X Factor Arabia's (female) fan-favorite 'The 5' band, which stole our hearts two years ago ... enough said!

MBC describes Echbi, the oldest member of 'The 5,' as a self-made man who established his life without anyone's help. Coming from a Marginalized town in Morocoo, he made it all the way to Dubai ... yup, totally husband-material.

"The fame will never change me," he says.

4. Amir Saoud (Lebanese)

Amir Saoud is a 26-year-old Lebanese professional basketball player. He currently plays for Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut in the Lebanese Basketball League. 

Saoud started his basketball career in 2010 after a baffling season for the Lebanese sports club, Hoops... and oh boy has he come a long way. 

Can't you just stare at those eyes forever? 

3. Laith Abu Joda (Palestinian-Jordanian)

Laith Abu Joda's voice is one that cannot go unnoticed. Taking part in Star Academy's tenth season in 2014, Abu Joda has since taken to the stars, collaborating with Assi El Helany, Joseph Attieh and Fady Andrawes.

Aside from his heavenly voice, the 24-year-old is pure #beautygoals. 

He was recently nominated for TC Candler's '100 Most Beautiful and Handsome Faces of 2017' ... and it's not like we're surprised. 

Just. Look. At. That. Face. 

2. Sherif Fayed (Egyptian)

Dinner and a movie? More like a spontaneous trip to Kenya with this Egyptian traveler, who is blessed with killer looks and a charming sense of humor.

The 25-year-old social media star, model and actor spends his time exploring the world, living on the edge (quite literally) and posting killer Instagram pictures.

Apart from his modeling gigs, Fayed has appeared in a commercial with Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy.

That's not all. He used to play professional football with Belgian club Lierse S.K.

1. Hamza Hawsawi (Saudi)

"So much soul" would accurately describe the 2015 X-Factor Middle East winner's performances.

The singer and songwriter was born in Jeddah and fell in love with R&B at a very young age. Hawsawi mostly sings in English, having taught himself the language through movies and music. 

On May 6, Hawsawi took the stage in Dubai as one of the opening acts at Justin Bieber's concert.

You are truly missing out.