The hit HBO series Game of Thrones (GoT) has taken the world by storm, and the Arab world is no exception.

The region is home to die-hard GoT fans, who've been hanging on to the edge of their seats for the all-new season that debuted on July 16.

Some fans shared spoilers or discussed their predictions, while others had a more creative take on the GoT hype, as did satirical Lebanese social page Adeela.

Adeela, the popular imaginary social media star whose admin remains anonymous, recently posted a photo compilation that casts Arab celebrities as "Game of Thrones" characters, and it's hilariously accurate.

The fierce Nadine Njeim takes on the role of Daenerys

Nassif Zeytoun's beard screams 'Jon Snow'

Move over Sophie Turner ... There's a new Lady of Winterfell in town

Yusra has Melisandre's killer stare

Of course, fan-favorite Taim Hasan gets a role

Lena Headey has got nothing on Nadine El Rassi

Meet Lady Mona Wassef

Lebanese creativity in full force this GoT season

Lebanese band Iyam el Lira also joined in on the GoT buzz, producing an Oriental rendition of the GoT theme song. Give it a listen, it will give you goosebumps!