Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud is definitely an Arab traveler at heart, and his latest visit to Asia proves it.

King Salman's visit to Indonesia on Wednesday was the first in 47 years ... but the trip is getting media attention for a completely different reason. 

Carrying 459 metric tons of luggage for a nine-day trip to Indonesia, the 81-year-old king took with him two Mercedes-Benz Limousines and two free standing electric lifts. 

"We have been officially appointed to handle all [cargo] belonging to the king’s entourage aircraft," said Adji Gunawan, Director of airfreight cargo company Jasa Angkasa Semesta (JAS), according to RT

It's not just the massive cargo that has taken the spotlight. The king is traveling with no less than 1,500 people - including ten ministers, 800 delegates and 25 princes, according to CNN.

Talk about entourage. 

The trip is part of a month-long Asia tour, including Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, China and the Maldives - as the kingdom seeks investment as part of its plan to diversify its economy. 

According to the BBC, the Indonesian government will see about $25 billion worth of investment during the king's visit - one of which amounts to $6 billion by Aramco, Saudi Arabia's oil company. 

"They will discuss many things from economy, culture, and tourism. What we need to see is how serious their commitment is to invest in Indonesia,"  Zuhairi Misrawi told the BBC. 

Prior to his arrival to Indonesia, the king spent four days in Malaysia - where he was conferred an honorary doctorate of philosophy in Political Science (Islam and Wasatiyyah) by the International Islamic University of Malaysia. 

"King Salman is not an ordinary person – his duties and obligations to his country and followers of Sunnah Wal Jamaah demand composure and great patience by him," said Sultan Ahmad, the university's constitutional head.

Selfies with the Prime Minister of Malaysia were also in order

And really ... can you blame the king? We're not exactly light travelers after all

Some have even carried "gas stoves" while traveling. A Mercedes doesn't seem too bizarre now, does it?

The number of bags is always twice or thrice the number of heads

FOOD is almost always to blame

King Salman ... proves once again that Arabs are one and the same when it comes to traveling!