Celebrating his 54th birthday Monday, Amr Diab holds numerous accomplishments under his belt, which have kept him on top of his game for over three decades.

Aside from his huge fan base, which spans all over the Arab world, Diab has won an American Music Award on seven occasions, and has had his work translated into English, Turkish, and even Russian and Indian, among others.

In celebration of his birthday, we take a look at facts you probably didn't know about Diab's music and cinematic careers.

1. His first appearance on radio

amr diab kid

Amr Diab's first appearance on radio was on the local show "Bour Said" (Port Said) in 1967, which was his first performance.

The governor gave him a guitar due to his admiration of Diab's great performance.

2. His first song

amr diab

Amr Diab recorded his first song, titled "Al-Zaman"(The Time), in 1983.

The song was penned by Hani Zaki, and composed by Hani Shanouda, who was the one who discovered Diab's talent.

3. His first feature film


He has appeared in 4 films, the first being "Al-Sajeenatan" (The Two Prisoners), produced in 1989.

4. African Championship of Nations 1990

diab final

Amr Diab represented Egypt in the opening ceremony of the 5th African Championship of Nations in 1990, performing in Arabic, English, and French.

5. "Tamally Maak" (Always With You) ... in 7 languages!

amr diab tamalli ma3ak

Diab's 2000 album "Tamally Maak" generated so much worldwide buzz, that it was translated into more than seven languages, including the English track by Outlandish titled "I'm Calling You".

6. His first collaboration with Rotana

leily nhary

Diab left "Alam Al-Fan" (World of Art) and signed with Rotana in 2004, releasing his album "Leili Nhari" (My Nights and Days) in the same year.

7. Album sales

عمرو دياب ألبومات

Dian has sold more than 50 million copies of his 28 albums released so far.

8. His fortune

عمرو دياب سيارة

In 2011, Arabian Business listed him as the second wealthiest Arabic singer after Nancy Ajram, with a net worth estimated at $41 million.