On Tuesday, 230 new emojis were announced by The Unicode Consortium and are set to launch during 2019. 

The newly approved set will include emojis that represent different cultures, in addition to disability-themed characters and a few other pretty cool symbols.

They'll also feature several food and beverage-related icons including one for falafel. 

Yes, you read that right, a falafel emoji is coming our way but not everyone is fond of it.

The falafel emoji is here

Arabs have a lot to say about it

The latest update also features an emoji of the South American drink Mate, which is popular in Syria and Lebanon. 

But Arabs were more focused on the falafel one.

Some think the new emoji looks nothing like the popular Arab dish

"Where's the sesame? I don't see sesame, I don't eat falafel without sesame"

They didn't get it completely right

"Put more effort"

More of a potato emoji?

Others were super excited about it, though


"There's going to be a falafel emoji and I am ecstatic"

Shawarma emoji next?

Check out all the new emojis below: