Whether it's coffee or tea, Arabs sure do love to both serve and drink hot beverages. 

It's a sign of hospitality and respect. 

Here are a few of the most favored drinks from countries in the Arab world:

1. Morocco and Tunisia: Mint Tea

Moroccan and Tunisian etiquette and hospitality begin with mint tea.

You will often find them drinking this beverage multiple times a day, and a guest can never leave a host's house without sharing a cup of tea with them.

2. Egypt: Karkadeh

Karkadeh tea is made using the hibiscus flower and is one of the most famous herbal drinks in Egypt.

Depending on personal preference, it can be served hot or cold.

3. Saudi Arabia: 'Saudi Champagne'

'Saudi champagne' does not actually contain any alcohol; it is a combination of sliced fruits, apple cider, and sparkling water.

Its color and bubbly appearance, similar to champagne, are what has given it its name. 

4. Lebanon and Syria: Yerba Mate

Originally a South American drink, Yerba mate was brought back to Lebanon and Syria by immigrants over a century ago.

This drink is common among people who live in the mountains and those who follow the Druze faith.

5. Lebanon and Syria: Arak

Arak is a colorless liquor made from grapes and aniseed.

Levantine arak is quite famous but not only in Lebanon and Syria; its quality and taste have made it global. Jordan and Palestine are also big on Arak. 

6. Jordan: Arabic Coffee

Serving Arabic coffee in Jordan is a sign of respect, particularly in Bedouin culture. Of course, this tradition is not strictly Jordanian but spans across the Arab world. 

It is slightly bitter, usually infused with cardamom, which is why it's served in a very small bowl-like coffee cup or 'finjan,' and some dates.