Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, recently uploaded photos of Lifta, a village in Jerusalem, on Twitter, claiming the Palestinian village is Israeli. 

He was then quickly shut down by people who pointed out that Jerusalem is in Palestine. This truth angered Netanyahu so much, he launched a full blown racist online rant trying to prove the country never existed. 

In now-deleted tweets he posted as part of a delusional thread, he wrote

"Hi all the idiots that twist 'Palestine'. There's no such thing! There is even no P in Arabic. Palestine is name the Romans gave to the land instead if Judea, as a punishment to the Jews for their revolt, 700 years before Mohammad was born. You arabs bending in *arabia* and we" said the first tweet.

The follow-up tweet said: "And we Jews belong to *judea*. You Arabs already have 22 countries, and Muslims have 50! There was never an Arab country name Palestine and there will never be. BTW did u notice it’s exactly the same flag as Jordan? Israel is the Jewish state from the river to the sea!"

Netanyahu believes Palestine doesn't exist because there's no P in Arabic, which isn't a new reasoning used in a bid to erase the country from existence. 

In 2016, Anat Berko, an Israeli lawmaker from Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, made the same ridiculous argument. (Note: Palestine is pronounced Fah-lah-steen in Arabic ... but why bother with logic).

"If Palestine and Palestinians don't exist bc there is no letter P in arabic, then I guess Jews don't exist bc there's no letter J in hebrew?" Omar Al Ghazzawi tweeted back then.

The young man didn't stop at this argument, though. He also posted another tweet, claiming the country couldn't have existed because it has the same flag as Jordan. Yep, he really did use that as an argument. 

In a series of other vile tweets in which he practically proved he's illogical and has a pretty flawed understanding of historical facts, the man went on to call Arabs "colonizers" because they weren't silently accepting the fact that Israel illegally occupied Palestinian land.

On top of that, he proudly tweeted a Wikipedia - "a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation" - link for people to read more about the "Kingdom of Judah." 

The delusional rant went on and on

Netanyahu's lengthy rant caught the attention of thousands on Twitter and the majority of them were appalled by his flawed arguments.

Some desperately tried to make sense of his tweets but couldn't ... because there was absolutely no logic in any of them.  

Naturally, no one was having any of this meltdown

"This guy's Twitter feed is an exhibit in terrible logic"

For one, he based his entire argument on how Palestine is pronounced

For two, he confused race with countries

For three, he thought colonization can be justified like this

But it really can't be

Next time, at least get the map right