Wine glasses are made to serve alcohol, right? Wine is alcohol; wine has its own glasses; these glasses are made to contain alcohol. 

Now that we have cleared this matter, it is highly important to keep in mind that it doesn't always have to be the case. 

In the Arab world, you're practically out of the loop if you've never had apple juice in a wine glass, because in many of our households, the cups are used to serve our halal versions of wine or champagne.

Since we can all relate to the phenomenon, it's no surprise when a meme about drinking juice in wine glasses gets crazy attention. 

Posted by Twitter user @raghazzza on Sunday, the hilarious upload is just right on point. 

Halal champagne for everyone

We found replacement for red wine, too

"Our halal wine"

We're actually experts at this

Because who of us hasn't sipped juice out of these glasses at least once?

"Pretending to do a 'cheers' caused problems"

Everyone can relate

"Me at Muslim years old"

"Me on every flight"

Arabs are still at it

Cheers, everyone