Lebanese model-turned-singer Myriam Klink is no stranger to controversy, but her latest escapade has seen her blocked from Facebook for a month.

On Saturday, Klink tweeted a photo of herself wearing a T-shirt with a swastika on it, along with a message from Facebook saying that she has been banned from using the social media website for 30 days.

In her tweet, Klink seemed to blame someone called Mark, presumably Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for getting blocked. She asked why the website doesn't block photos of the dead or porn.

The temporary block came after Klink posted the photo of herself with the emblem of the Nazi party on her t-shirt, though the screenshot says she repeatedly posted unacceptable content.

Klink fans were quick to come to her defense, and the model retweeted some tweets that supported her in face of her little misfortune.

One fan felt like she was blocked "because they are Jewish "

And another told her not to care, because "they are hypocrites"

Klink, who has more than a million followers on Facebook, also made her Instagram account private Monday. For the time being, it seems Klink will be limiting her public posts to Twitter, where she has a comparatively lower 25,000 followers.