As per the long-standing norm, Muslims are often portrayed in the mainstream media - if ever - as monolithic, regressive, and violent ... and they just won't have it anymore.  

In a Twitter chat that went down earlier this week, Muslims shared their thoughts regarding misrepresentation in Western media, particularly when it comes to love stories. 

The chat was moderated by arts advocacy group PEN America, which tweeted multiple questions to which Muslim Twitter users responded under the hashtag #MuslimsInLove.

"Representing Muslim women and men in stories of love and romance matters - particularly at a time when Muslims are frequently targets of hate crimes (like Saturday's bombing of a mosque in Minnesota) and rarely depicted as multi-dimensional people," the event description read.

Under the hashtag, Twitter users gave their two cents on the representation of Muslim relationships in television, film, and literature, and noted the dire need for diversification.

Here are the highlights from the chat:

It's high time we smash the stereotypes

There's a fine line between religion and culture

Is Orientalism silencing Muslim women?

Diversity is key

Fun fact: Muslim women have the right to pleasure, too

Power to the artists changing the narrative

We need unapologetic Muslims rather than Westernized versions

On #(Muslim)RelationshipGoals

On a lighter note ... Shawarma is the one true love