A Saudi woman was sentenced to ten lashes and ten days in jail for hitting her husband with a glass vase after he forcibly removed her from a taxi and barred her from attending her son's engagement, Sayidaty Magazine reported on Tuesday. 

The man reported the incident to police in Dammam, presenting them with an official medical report stating he had suffered a 10 cm gash to his head. 

He later refused to drop charges and went on to divorce his now former wife. 

Soon after the news began to make the rounds online, it led to a social media meltdown with thousands taking to the Twitter hashtag 'a woman jailed for beating her husband' to share their thoughts on the matter. 

Mixed reactions on social media

While many attacked the women for beating her husband, labeling her actions 'disrespectful' and 'unacceptable,' hundreds of others hailed her for standing up for herself after she was abused.  

"This isn't something to be proud of, a man must be respected. She obviously crossed a red line"

Others didn't support the woman's actions but thought there must have been a reason behind them

A few urged people not to judge the woman's actions

The majority, however, stood up for the woman and defended her

"Isn't she a woman and therefore controlled by a male guardian who thinks she's unfit and unable to handle any responsibility? She is, so jail her male guardian!" 

Some applauded her

A few made this sarcastic but important point

"He should go complain to his family and they should tell him the same thing most families often say to an abused woman:

-'Be patient and sacrifice for the children'

- 'It's your fault.'" 

Others pointed out this ironic fact

"Isn't this supposed to be a private matter that shouldn't even be reported? Or is it that when a woman is abused it's a private matter and when the same happens to a man, it's a national matter?"  

"What punishment would he have received if the woman had been beaten?"